van der Raadt historic album

         Noen historiske bilder av familien van der Raadt...

Newer photos:
    "Mice and rats": A van der Raadt cousin-meet in front of old St. Mary`s church in MooseJaw, SK, Canada, in 1954. Back row from left: Oma Piet (Rita`s mother), Trudy, Herman with son Ron, Ann, John, Lia, Carl, and Rita with Jon. Second row from left: Oma van der Raadt, Lucy, Jesse, Joey and Opa John van der Raadt.
Front row from left: Elly, Cecil, Maria, Monica, Patti, Ann and Lila in the  lap of Ans.  
In 1954: Ann and Herman Maas` children: Joey, Jesse, Ron - John and Rita van der Raadt`s child: Patti - Lia and Kees van der Raadt`s children: Cecil, Trudy, Monica - Ans and Peter van der Raadt`s children: Elly, Lucy, Jon, Ann, Maria, Lila.


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The van der Raadt family band in Rotterdam 1940, from left: Anna (Ann), Maria, Pieter (Peter), Johannes (John) and Cornelis (Kees/Carl).
John van der Raadt (1895)
Elisabeth van den Burg (1895)