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251 1833 land assessment: Bootown, Ballymoney, Dunluce, Upper Antrim, Ireland

The McAfees were Presbyterians and farmers and said to have descended from Scottish Convenanters.

Arrived in New York 7 Jun 1838, aboard the ship "St. Andrew", age 59, farmer, together with Martha age 56, James age 34, Rachael (Dinsmore) 25, Elija (infant), William age 20, Robert 13, Mathew 14, Martha Jane 14,
Also arriving on the same ship W. McAfee, age 23, John Dinsmore 28, his wife Margaret 31, Samuel 4, Mary (infant) and Mary Dinsmore 76.

Living with them in East Union township in the 1850 census were son William b. 1818, in addition to Martin b. 1828, Margaret b 1830 and Eliza b. 1835. Unknown parents, of them only granddaughter Eliza is mentioned in his will.

In his will he gives the north half of his farm to son William, the south half to Mathew, the latter also got half the share of the fruit that may grow on the south half of the fam untill he has time to plant fruit trees on his part of the farm and they are grown to such size as will produce a reasonable quiantity of apples, except if he should sell his part of the farm in that event the fruit will all belong to William.
Martha Jane 400 dollars. Granddaughter Eliza Mc?, 400 dollars. Grandson Joseph McAfee 400 dollars, son Robert McAfee one thousand dollars. Wife Martha my two horses or horse kind ald all my cattle and she is to have the privilege of living in the house in which we noe recide during her lifetime.

One source has his father as John McDuffee/McAfee born ab. 1730 on the Isle of Islay, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. A farmer who migrated to Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland with a friend, William McQuigg, when they both were young men probably in the 1750's from Islay, Co. Argyll, Scotland.
Presbyterian and descendant of Scots Convenanters. Believed to be buried at County Antrim Saint Cuthbert's Church Cemetery, where a Mathew McDuffee is buried which might be his son. In the same cemetery is:

Erected in memory of
MARGARET beloved wife of
Who died 12th August 1854
aged 35 years.
Also her husband
who died 9th January 1888
aged 87 years.
Also her daughter
who died 3rd Sept 1889
aged 43 years.

Clan Macfie is one of the oldest Scottish Clans with a history going back before records were kept. The ancient name for our clan is Macdubhsith. While literally meaning "dark man of peace", sithe is also the term used for supernatural beings that populated the islands and the highlands and the tern dubh or dark also had mystical and supernatural connotations. The ancestral homeland for the Macfies are the islands of Colonsay and Oronsay in the Hebrides, the Western Isles of Scotland.

In 1623, Malcolm, the last Chief of the Clan Macfie, was captured by the infamous Colla Ciotach MacDonald. He was tied to a standing stone, known as Carraig Mhic a' Phi at Balaruminmore, on our ancestral island of Colonsay, and summarily shot. The Clan Macfie was dispossessed of its lands and dispersed as a "broken" Clan.

That is, until 27th May 1981, when the Clan was reactivated and again formally recognised as an "active" Clan by the Lord Lyon. Macfies all over the world celebrate that day as a new 'birthday' for the Clan Macfie.

As there was no hereditary Chief, a Ceann-Cath or Clan Commander was appointed to head the Clan. The current Clan Commander is Alexander "Sandy" C. McPhie who resides in Queensland Australia.

The original name was
"MacDubhsith" meaning
"mac" - son of
"Dubh" - dark or black
"sith" - elf or fairy
It is Gaelic. The Scottish-Gaelic pronunciation is"Mac - Dhoogh- shee".
English it is MacDuffie.
The clan called themselves "Clan MacDuffie" until 1539 when they dropped the Gaelic "dubh" syllable. Mac-Du-ffie became MacFie.
From 1539 on they were known as Clan MacFie.Many still used/spelled their name MacDuffie however. When the Act of Union joing England and Scotland into Great Britain was passed in 1707, the English language was used more often in Scotland. There was no equivalent English sound or letter for the Gaelic sound "bh" in the clan names, so clerks and clergy used the approximations f, v, or ph. The result was many variations of the clan name but no single, correct spelling. Also, spellings were changed in Ireland during times of persecution because the Irish did not like the Scottish coming into Northern Ireland and taking their land they once owned. In addition, spellings varied because during immigration many of the immigration officers misspelled
or forced immigrants to change the spellings of their names. And in some instances, some of the immigrants didn't know how to spell their own last names.
The McAfee, McAffee, MacAfee spellings appear in Northern Ireland (County Antrim,
County Armagh).

Recognized Clan Surnames:

The following names are recognised by the Commander of Clan Macfie, Ceann-Cath A. C. (Sandy) McPhie, as being current acceptable surname spellings for members of the Clan. Variations in the spelling of these names are acceptable. Mac/Mc prefixes are considered to be interchangeable:


In addition, the Clan Commander recognises the historical links Clan Macfie had with the Macdonald Lords of the Isles, Clan Cameron in Lochaber and a branch of the MacNicol family in Glenorchy. More recently, the close links established with Clan Macfie by the Thorburn family in Sweden and the Brew family in New Zealand are also acknowledged by the Clan Commander.
McAfee, William (I22130)
252 1836 i FT 1920 Hummelsund, Anders Anders. (I5089)
253 1842/1843, Kom til Bergen
1845, Kjøpte Blindheimselven som renner ut i Ytre Arna, HO
1846, landets første mekaniske bomullsveveri (Arne fabr.)
1864, Satte dampbåten "D/S Arne" i rute Ytre Arna - Bergen
1869, Grunnla Dale fabrikker (ved Bergdalselva på v. til Voss)
1872, Satte "D/S Peter Jebsen" i Amerika-fart (opphørte 1876)

Foreldrene var Jens Jebsen (1778-1850) og Maren Hansen (1790-1825). 
Jebsen, Peter (I21980)
254 1850 Caroline Mosier, Vermillion, Ashland, Ohio, parents Jacob and Susannah. Mozier, Caroline (I22222)
255 1850 census has Thomas and Nancy Hagewood with first five children in Polk, Greene, Missouri.

He served in the Civil War with Compay G Missouri Home Guard.

1860 census of Pond Creek:
HAGEWOOD, Thomas 32 M TN Farmer
Jane 33 F TN
John C 16 M MO Farmer
Marrion 15 M MO Farmer
Mary A 13 F MO
Sarah R 11 F MO
Nancy E 9 F MO
Matilda F 7 F MO
William M 5 M MO
James W 2 M MO
Marcellus 1/12 M MO

1870 census Pond creek, Greene, Missouri he lived with wife N. Jane, six children and his father Benjamin (80).

In his will of 1904 he requests a burial in Lindsey Cemetery, bequaths his house and lots in Republic to his beloved wife Sophia J. The remainder of his estate he divides into nine equal shares to his sons William M. and Samuel, and to his daughters Mary Fugua, Rebeca Caverner, Nancy Cox, Malinda Simons and Ora Walker, and to the heirs of his deceased son J. Calvin Hagewood and deceaced daughter Matilda Scaggs. Dated July 23rd 1904 and filed Dec 8th. His friend and neighbor H. A. Massey was executor. 
Hagewood, Thomas (I20748)
256 1850 census Johnson, Ripley, Indiana.
1860 census Hamblin township, Brown, Indiana. 
West, Charles B. (I20713)
257 1850 Grayson, TX, five children.

The 1870 census for Washington, Dallas, Missouri has David (born Tennessee) and Elizabeth (born Kentucky) Simmons with four children John (21 - born Missouri), Francis (19 - born Texas), Margaret E (16 - born Missouri) and Hugh L. (14 - born Missouri).

David is buried in Bower's Chapel Cemetery, nr. Urbana, Dallas, Missouri along with several members of the family. His tombstone gives b: 24 Dec 1815 - d: 20 Dec 1894. Elizabeth is beside him with dates b: 8 May 1819 d: 15 Feb 1893. Son, Benjamin F. and wife, and daughter, Mary Jane Simmons Lindsey are also there. Source:: A Reading of Dallas County Missouri Cemeteries 1834-1977 vol 1 compiled by Dallas County Historical Society from gravestones. 
Simmons, David Philip (I20762)
258 1850 she is a widow in Vermillion, Ashland, Ohio, seven children living at home.
1860 she is in Washington, Adams, Indiana with three children, Abner, Catharine and William H.
In the 1870 census she is living with her daughter Catherine and husband Thomas C/Kearney (Irish) in Peru Ward 4, Miami, Indiana.

When her husband died, Susannah moved her family with an ox team to the farm south of Decatur. They cleared most of the land. There were many hardships. Game was plentiful and there were wolves, bears and wild hogs. One time a bear killed two of their fat hogs and boys pursued the bear all night. They finally killed it at what is now the White Bridge, two miles east of Bluffton, Indiana.

Susannah changed the name from Moser to Mosure to aviod mix-ups with the many Mosers around Decatur, Indiana.

Jonathan Mosure 15.8.1836 died may 4, 1912 born in Ashland, Ohio, d. in Indiana. 
Whitmire, Susannah (I28353)
259 1850 Swan, Taney, Missouri
1860 Washington Township, Stone, Missouri
1880 Washington, Stone, Missouri, United States

A letter to Mrs. Mildred C. Bass, Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri.

Jefferson City, Jan. 3, 1849.

My Dear, I have with pleasure taken my pen in hand to inform you that I have missed the chills for several days hoping that I am now entirely clear and remain so. I was taken with the chill on Friday after I left home and had them several days though the weather was so cold, sleeting and snowing on us all the way from Hancock s here. I looked for noting else. I have not been up to Father s yet. I expect to go up on Saturday nect. Brother Eli, was here last week. Our relations are well. Father strained his ankle and has been laid up with it for several weeks. James Harris, married Sabru Jackson, shortly after he returned from the south. I have an excellent place to board. There are seven of us together, Hancock, Neveas, Hicks, Cole, Hawkins, Sanders and myself, all good moral men. (Hancock was a Senator from the 21st District; the rest of the men were representatives, Neaves from Greene County, Hicks from Ozark County, Cole from Morgan County, Hawkins from Camden County and Sanders from Chariton County). All of the members are complaining of colds and several are pretty sick. It is said that the cholera is in St. Louis and some of the members are very uneasy for fear it will get here and if it does, we will adjourn forthwith and go home. I am unable to say when the Legislature will adjourn, but I do think it will not be a long session. I am anxious to see you and the children. It would give me more pleasure to be with you and the children than all the luxury and splender here which I am surrounded. You will please write to me as it will be more pleasure to see a line from your hands than all the news I could receive from any other. You can write me and seal your leter and have it backed by some person to me. My dear, do not fail to wirte to me often, and I will do the same with you. Kiss the children for me, especially sweet little John and give all the news of the neighborhood. Do the best you can. My dear, I remain Your affectionate Husband, Theo. Bass

-------------------------------------------------------- Ozark County, Missouri, March 20th A.D. 1849.

Mrs. Bass, I inclose to you a few lines on my return home from Jefferson City which will inform you of the death of your husband. I can say to you that I was eye witness to all his sickness. We both roomed and bedded together until he got too low to be troubled. I waited on him through all his sickness which was 52 days with countinued feavour. His two brothers, George and Edward Bass, Pilee Dunkns wife and Wade Jackson was there nearly through all his sickness. He died on the 11th March the day before the Legislature broke. I got an Act past the day we adjourned appropriating two hundred dollars to pay his funeral ecpenses and to erect a tomb over his grave. I also interduced a resolution and got it pst authorizing George P. Bass to draw his pay as a member from the treasur which was $282.00. He is to settle off his bill both for Boarding and Doctor fees and account you for the remained. His beast was at his brothers and I think George Bass was to take charge of his clothing and return all to you as soon as he could conveanently. If you wish any further information you will please write to me. Your Friend and well wisher in hast, Robert Hicks 
Shannon, Mildred Catherine (I20790)
260 1850 White Eyes, Coshocton, Ohio

George Ewing, 1823– 1893
Amanda Ewing Goudy, 1825– 1867
James J Ewing, 1827– 1900
Mary Catherine Ewing Warner, 1828– 1914
Joseph Ewing, 1831– 1900
Anna M Ewing Robinson, 1834– 1914
Samantha Sarah Ewing Slupe, 1838– 1892
Peter Ewing, 1840– 1916 
Ewing, James (I28787)
261 1850: District 1, Todd, Kentucky, USA
1860: Township 1 S Range 3 E, Jefferson, Illinois
1870: Township 1 Range 3, Jefferson, Illinois - this is Field township. 
Whitlock, Robert Randolph (I28499)
262 1853: Jægtefører uden Borgerskab
1885: H.N. Sædahl, Bergen: Kjeldersmuget 4, Still./Stand: Kjendt Mand Huseier
1881: Hendrik Nikolai Larsen Sædahl, enkemann og hyrebas i Kjellersmauet 4 
Sædahl, Henrik Nicolaj Lars. (I28438)
263 1860 Porter, Christian, Missouri

1880 census for Lincoln, Dallas, Missouri has F.M. and Malinda Simmons with children John W. and Nancy. F.M. is a farmer born in Texas, both his parents born in Tennessee.

1900 census for Ponce de Neon & Washington Townships, Stone, Missouri, FM Simmons is a farmer living with his wife MC and four youngest children.

1910 census for Ponce de Leon, Stone, Missouri has Francis with sons Claud and William and daughter Bertha, plus two grandhildren, Otho and Charley. Daugher Amy (15) is a servant with the Flood family on the neighbouring farm.

Family history says he was a preacher: Methodist Preacher, he and his wife, Malinda, lived northeast of Abesville in Stone County, MO, just below the Stone-Christian County line. He helped build a huge log church in Christian County where he preached. 
Simmons, Francis Marion (I20746)
264 1860-census: Austintown, Mahoning, Ohio
1863 draft registration, Wells, Indiana
1870-census: Ossian, Jefferson, Wells, Indiana
Second wife, Elizabeth, married 1885, she was born Nov 1834 in Ohio. 
Taylor, Levi D. (I22648)
265 1860: Township 1 S Range 3 E, Jefferson, Illinois, USA Whitlock, Angeline (I28498)
266 1860:«tab»Township 1 S Range 3 E, Jefferson, Illinois
1870:«tab»Township 1 Range 3, Jefferson, Illinois 
Beadle, Frances America (I28500)
267 1861 fra Fusa til USA med nygift mor og stefar.
1880 • Marion, Clayton, Iowa, USA
1900, 1910 • Westfield, Dodge, Minnesota, USA
1920 • Newry, Freeborn, Minnesota, USA

Clara Kruger, 1876–
Anna Kruger, 1877– d. før 1920 m. Swenson
Johanna W. 'Jennie' Kruger, 1878– 1936
Henry Krüger, 1880– 1963
Markus Ananias Kruger, 1882– 1959
Emma L Kruger, 1884–
John Freeman Kruger, 1887– 1940
William Kruger, 1889– 1972
Elmer Kruger, 1892– 1962
Arenthina Kruger, 1895–
Irene Constance Kruger, 1898– 1978 
Krüger, Vilhelm Johanes Wilhelms. (I30203)
268 1865 bor Christiane, Johan og Jonas som er gift med Laurentze Henrikke Pedersdtr. og deres barn i Sula,Borgund. I 1875 er de kommet til Ålesund. Albrigtsen, Jonas Olavus Norin (I29641)
269 1865 bor Vebjørn med foreldra Mikkel Vebjørnsen og Guri Engebretsdtr. på Søndreaal i Hol.
Der bor også Evend Engebretsen som legdslem.

Det gamle gardssamfunnet på nedre Sindrol gjekk i 1870-åra i oppløysing; det bar til slutt til Amerika med alle av den gamle ætta. I 1877-78 var det 7-8 eksekusjonar på nedre Sindrol etter krav frå ymse kreditorar. Det gjaldt rett store summar. 29. oktober 1877 selde Vebjørn Mikkelson unna garden Kyrudalen til landhandlar Tollev Sundre. Og 30. mars 1878 vart garden nedre Sindrol selt til Henrik Olson Torsgard, Ål. Same året reiste Vebjørn Mikkelson med kona og sonen "Vesle-Mikkel" til Amerika, og saman med dei bestemora til Vebjørn, gamle Birgit Sveinsdtr. (Tunehago), 81 år gammal og mor til Vebjørn Guri Engebretsdtr. 49 år og fosterbroren Eivind Embrikkson Stølen som og kalla seg Sønderål, og kona hans, Tarand Andersdtr. Hansebråten (Huso).

Vebjorn and Olava married in 1884.

1910 Newburgh, Steele, North Dakota
Vebjan Mikkelson Head M 59 Norway
Olava Mikkelson Wife F 43 Norway
Gilbert Mikkelson Son M 22 North Dakota
Marthin Mikkelson Son M 20 North Dakota
Guri Mikkelson Daughter F 18 North Dakota
Marget Mikkelson Daughter F 16 North Dakota
Beatha Mikkelson Daughter F 14 North Dakota
Knut Mikkelson Son M 11 North Dakota
George Mikkelson Son M 9 North Dakota
Olga Mikkelson Daughter F 7 North Dakota
William Mikkelson Son M 5 North Dakota
Bernhard Mikkelson Son M 4 North Dakota
Engebrigt Mikkelson Son M 0 North Dakota 
Søndreaal, Vebjørn Mikkels. (I27730)
270 1865 tellinga: Stor-Dalen som tilhører Store Sangolt: Ole Mons. Husfader Husmand med uryddet Jord, Fisker g 35 m Fjelds Prgj. Skålevik, Ole Mons. (I1574)
271 1865 Tjente på garden hos mora og Abraham. Haugland, Johannes Mons. (I605)
272 1865, Bergen:
1875, tilreisende handelsreisende i Hammerfest.
Kjøpmann i Bergen
1891 Christies gate 15, samme adresse som dr. Gerhard Armauer Hansen.
1900, Welhavensgate 
Arnesen, Richard (I30111)
273 1865-census:
Severin Andreas Eriks. age 21 , born Levanger, Ingeborg Anna Eriksdtr. age 19 born Trondheim, Carl Helmer Eriks. age 14, born Strinden, Morten Anton Eriks age 11 born Strinden, Eline Hendriette Eriksdtr. age 7 born Strinden and Ole Peder Eriks. age 4 born Strinden.

Erik and Jonettas son Andreas Severin b. 1845 in Levanger, was born out of wedlock. He married Sophie Camilla b. 1852 and lived in Oslo as a cook on a ship according to 1875-cnsus. Their daughters: Hendriete Marie b. 1879, Anete Valborg b. 1881, Sigrid Ingeborg b. 1890, Margit Ingeborg b. 1893, Signe Kattarine b. 1895 and Marta b. 1898, all Hvidtbro in 1900-census.

1875-census for Trondheim:
Jonetta with Anna Sophie, f. 1857, Elline Hendriette, Karl Hilmar, age 23 (he had a son Emil Alfred b. 1872 out of wedlock by Anna Evensdtr. Holst), Anton Martin, age 20. 
Feragen, Jonetta Henriette (I22281)
274 1865-census: Working for her father on her brother's farm in Fræna. She had a son Edvart Lars Larssen Malme b/d 1866 by Lars Andreas Rasmussen Nøsevik. Selliken, Emerentse Odine (I23445)
275 1865-telling for Eritsvær, Tysnes: Ersvær, Mikkel Lars. (I11238)
276 1865-telling for Vernøen, Tysnes: Gift tre ganger. Far: Ole Olsen. 1900-telling for Vernøen, Tysnes: Vernøy, Ole Ols. (I11236)
277 1865-telling Rolvsvaagbøden: Rolvsvåg, Johanna Klausdtr. (I12400)
278 1865-tellinga, Hamre, Sund Nils Nils. Husfader Gaardbruger, Selveier g 27 m Sunds Prgj. 4 10 1 2 2 Brithe Eliasd. hans Kone g 24 k Sunds Prgj. Oline Nilsd. Tjenestepige ug 17 k Sunds Prgj. Mons Nils. hans Broder ug 15 m Sunds Prgj. Brithe Nilsd. hans Søster ug 24 k Sunds Prgj. sinsvag Nils Abrahams. Fostersøn ug 8 m Sunds Prgj. Anne Elisabet Nilsd. hans Datter ug 1 k Sunds Prgj. Hamre, Nils Nils. (I669)
279 1865-tellinga:

Distriknr 7 Skoledistrikt 4de Sogn Fane Prestegjeld Fane Gardsnavn SALBU Matrikkel 271 Fornavn Etternavn Familiestatus Yrke Sivilstand Alder Kjønn Fødested Elias Hendriksen hf Gaardbruger Selveier g 43 m Fana Herborg Gregoriusdatter Hans Kone g 39 k Fana Hans Eliassen Deres Søn ug 12 m Fana Hans Hendrik Eliassen Deres Søn ug 9 m Fana Lars Eliassen Deres Søn ug 7 m Fana Gregorius Eliassen Deres Søn ug 5 m Fana Kristi Eliasdatter Deres Datter ug 14 k Fana Martha Eliasdatter Deres Datter ug 2 k Fana Mikkel Hendriksen Tjenestekarl ug 36 m Fana Martha Susanna Hendriksdatter Tjenestepige ug 22 k Fana Hans Hendrik Eliassen Hans Fader Føderaadsmand e 70 m Fana 
Salbu, Elias Hendriks. (I1363)
280 1865-tellinga: sinsvag Hamre, Brithe Nilsdtr. (I2100)
281 1865-tellingen, enke på Lønningen i sitt 46. år. 
Fana, Rakel Conradsdtr. (I11188)
282 1865-tellingen, Rolsvaagbøden, Samnanger: Holdhus, Claus Johns. (I12409)
283 1865-tellingen, Rolvsvågtræ, Samnanger:

Foreldre: Torsten Nesthus og Agathe Jørgensdtr. 
Nesthus, Torgjer Torstens. (I12414)
284 1865-tellingen, Stølsneset (nabogard til Nøtenæs), Manger: Nøtenæs, Kristoffer Gudmunds. (I12445)
285 1865: Holt, Aust-Agder:
Normann, Henricke Jørgensdtr. (I22284)
286 1865: Nygårdsvik, Serrine Sivertsdatter styrer Faderens Husholdning. Nygaardsvig, Serene Sivertsdtr. (I2021)
287 1870 - Spring Water, Canoe, Winneshiek, Iowa med første kona Betsy (Brita J.) og foreldra. Andre kona, Martha, bor rett ved, med mor som er enke.
1895 - Clarkfield, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota, med ti barn; CB, Mari, Alfred, Josefine, Oskar, Alena, Lorence, Mathilda, Wallace, Ruth. CB var eldst, født i Iowa og medisinstudent. De andre barna født i Minnesota. Familien hadde vært i USA i 21 år, ifølge tellingen. Naboane heitte både Satendal, Egholmen, Stenevik, Kolbeinsvik, Storebo og Okland, og broren Sjur var ein av dei, det var og Endre Jacobson Heimark og sønene. 
Heimark, Ole Sjurs. (I32214)
288 1870 census for Jefferson, Wells, Indiana has William born in Pennsylvania, 1850 for Wooster, Wayne, OH has him born in OH.

1880 census for Lancaster, Wells, Indiana:
William and Mary E. with children: Levi H. Mc Afee age 9, James Mc Afee age 7, Orpha Mc Afee age 12.

Williams parents were both born in Ireland.

Second wife of William MacAfee, was Laura Funk b: in Trumbull County, OH d: February 1918 m: June 12, 1889 in Warsaw, IN. Source:

They were living in Bluffton Ward 2, Wells, Indiana in the 1910 census. Census has William J. born in Ohio.

William has a long list of battles he was involved in in the Civil War.

Obituary for William McAfee : W.J. McAfee Died Suddenly in Detroit : Was Victim of Influenza -- Remains will be brought here for Burial. : Friends and relatives of W. J. McAfee, for years a familiar figure in : Bluffton and Wells County, IN, were saddened this morning by the announcement of : his death, which occurred at six o'clock Monday night at the home of his : daughter, Mrs. Bert Tucker, in Detroit, Michigan, at whose home he was visiting. : Death was caused by an attack of influenza.

: William J. McAfee was born in Wayne County, OH, October 3, 1841, a son of : James and Rachel (Dinsmore) McAfee, natives of County Antrim, Ireland. He came : with his parents to Wells County, IN when he was 12 years of age, and lived with : them here until July 12, 1861, when he enlisted in the United States army, being : the first man to enlist in the three years service in Wells County. : During his army experience, he saw much active service and was a : participant in many of the most important battles of the Civil War, namely: : Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge Atlanta, and the march to the Sea. He also participated in the grand review at Washington at the close of the war and : was honorably discharged August 5, 1865. He was wounded twice, in the head at : Mission Ridge and in the foot at Kenesaw Mountain. : At the close of the war, he returned to his home in Wells County and : engaged in farming on the old homestead first and later on a farm which he : bought, in Jefferson township. In 1870 he moved to Osage, Kansas and lived : there three years, when he returned to Wells County and lived on an eighty acre : farm in Lancaster township, later buying 160 acres in Harrison township, and in : March, 1885, he moved to Bluffton, where he was en gaged in business for a number : of years. In the later years of his active life he was a mail carrier on one of : the rural routes out of Bluffton for many years.

: Mr. McAfee was married on September 27, 1867 to Mary E. Taylor, a native of : Trumbull County, OH, who passed away many years ago. He was married a second : time on June 12, 1889 to Mrs. Laura Johnson (Funk) at Warsaw, IN, who also preceded him : to death several years ago.

The following children survive to mourn a kind and : loving father: Harry and Ellsworth McAfee of Fort Wayne, IN, James McAfee of : Indianapolis, IN, Mrs. Bert Tucker of Detroit, MI, and Mrs. John Shoemaker. : There are also two (three?) step children, Mrs. Earl Myers of Portland, Oregon, : Guy Johnson of Fitzgerald, GA, and Mrs. George Goodspeed of Bluffton, IN. One : sister also survives him, Mrs. Mary McAfee of Murray, and one sister and one : brother, Mrs. James Earl and Sam McAfee, preceded him in death. : Mr. and Mrs. McAfee also took into their home two grandchildren, Mrs. : Arthur Lowe, of Farmington, Washington, and Mrs. Clinton Rice of Lawton, : Oklahoma, and raised them from early childhood. : Mr. McAfee was a member of the Presbyterian church of this city and was : also a prominent member of Lew Daily Post G. A. R. He was for a nnumber of : years commander of the post. : The body will be brought to Bluffton, IN from Detroit, MI Thursday morning : and taken to McBride's undertaking parlors. Complete funeral arrangements have : not yet been made, but the services will be conducted by the Rev. D. C. : Truesdale, paster of the Presbyterian church. Internment will be in Fairview. 
McAfee, William James (I22126)
289 1870 census, Montgomery, Ashland, Ohio:
William Ewing «tab»M «tab»76y
Catharine Ewing «tab»79y
Elmer Ewing «tab»M «tab»27y (grandson, son of Levi)

William Ewing, of Vermillion township, an Ashland county pioneer, came here from Pennsylvania in 1813.

The gravestone of William Ewing which says age 84 7m 1d which puts his birthday at June 9, 1789. 
Ewing, William (I22223)
290 1870 og 1880 - Mansfield, Freeborn, Minnesota Oleson, Kittil Taralds. (I31820)
291 1870 og 1880: Mansfield, Freeborn, Minnesota Oleson, Ole Taralds. (I31819)
292 1870, 1880, 1900 census. Galloway, Christian, Missouri, United States
Davis, Martin Fisher "Fish" (I28495)
293 1870, Mansfield, Freeborn, Minnesota Hegni, Margit Taraldsdtr. (I31815)
294 1870-1920 Vernon, Dodge, Minnesota, USA Ekse, Gjertrud Knutsdtr. (I31253)
295 1870-census for Harrison township (Bluffton post office), Wells, Indiana on the 22nd of June 1870, has Dillman Ewing Shoemaker, age 4, with mother Lydia Shoemaker, age 25, born in Ohio, keeping house, and stepfather farmer Warren K. Shoemaker, age 27, born in Ohio.
On the same page we find George Heckedorn age 53, Joseph Heckedorn age 58 and wife Elizabeth Heckedorn age 60, all born in Pennsylvania. Is this Lydias father, uncle and aunt, or just an odd coincidence? Were George and Mary Ann divorced?

1880 census for Harrison, Wells, Indiana says Warren Shoemaker is Dillmonds stepfather.

Lydia Heckathorn Ewing Shoemaker has a marker next to Warren Kelly Shoemaker and his second wife in Fairview Cemetery, Bluffton. 
Heckathorn, Lydia Margaret (I22122)
296 1870: Tuscalum, Dickinson County, IA, with Ole Sarteberg listed with them.

Aal bygdebok, Medgarden 1686 År: 1853
Tolleiv Knutson Medgarden __.__. 1826-1878
Foreldre: Knut Tolleivson Noss Medgarden og Turid Olsdtr. Rime.
Gm Ågot Olsdtr. Svarteberg Medgarden 15.04. 1830-1913
Foreldre: Ola Torsteinson Svarteberg og Birgit Rasmusdtr. Opheim.
1. Turid Tolleivsdtr. Medgarden Noos 18.10. 1849-
G 1873 m Torstein Larsson Noss/Noos 1843-.... . Louis Petrus 1874- ; Tollof Adolph 1878-1943 i California.
Til Am. 1861: Vienna, Rock Co. MN. Turid og Torstein vart truleg skilde.
2. Knut Tolleivson Medgarden 07.12. 1852-____
Truleg til Amerika. Knut kom bort frå familien sin ifylgje eit Amerika-brev. (E. Rude)
3. Ola Tolleivson Medgarden 29.09. 1855-1870
Til Am. 1861. Ola fraus i hel på prærien ikkje langt frå farmen vinteren 1870. (J. Marler)
4. Lars Tolleivson Medgarden 07.05. 1858-
Til Am. i 1861.
5. Tolleiv Tolleivson Medgarden 02.10. 1860-
Til Am. 1861: Esterville, Iowa.
Barn i USA:
6. Betsy Olena Wood 1862, født i McGregor, Iowa, d 1928, Salt Lake, UT
7. Philip 1864-1922, born in Allamakee County, 'sheriff Megaarden' i Hennepin County, tok 1916 homestead i Montana, gm Minnie A ... (minst 1 barn);
8. Mary Kane 1867- ;
9. Theodore 1869- (J. Marler).

Tolleiv og Ågot gifte seg i 1847. Tolleiv fekk skøyte på garden i 1853, og så dreiv han hestehandel ved sida. Men etterkvart fann han å vilja prøve lykka i Amerika. Han gjekk til far sin, som då var kårmann, og spurde om han kunne selja garden kårfritt. Og far hans gjekk med på det.
Så reiste dei til Amerika i 1861. Han deltok i borgarkrigen. Dei var i Emmet i Iowa ei tid, så flytta dei. "Sheriff Megaarden" er nemnt hjå Ulvestad bind 1 s 309.
Tolleiv hadde fleire uhell, både stall og avling brann opp. Sjølv omkom han 1870 etter å ha fått eit plankelass over seg. 
Megaarden, Tolleiv Knuts. (I28016)
297 1870:«tab»Ridgeway, Iowa, Wisconsin
1880:«tab»Traill, Dakota Territory, USA
1900:«tab»Mooreton, Richland, North Dakota
1910:«tab»Westfield, Steele, North Dakota 
Olson, Gunhild Ellefsdtr. (I30758)
298 1875 • Hagestandhagen, Lesja, Oppland, Norge
1880 • Otter Creek, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA 
Jordhøy, Anne Margrethe Hansdtr. (I31134)
299 1875: Fitingsmester ved Krsands private Gasværk Larsen, Mons Andreas (I33828)
300 1880 census: Holly, Oakland, Michigan with parents.
1900 census: Bancroft village, Shiawassee, Michigan, USA with husband«b» «/b»Charles Bradley.
1920 US Federal Census, Detroit Ward 4, Wayne, Michigan with Charles Casey. 
van Sickle, Alice Lillian (I20490)

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