Tofterå Slettemoen genealogy

Finley, Steele, North Dakota



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Askegard, Ardelle Brekke  13 Mar 1926Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31102
2 Birkland, Beatrice Constance  10 May 1912Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31138
3 Brekke, Alma J.  19 Mar 1903Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31106
4 Brekke, Betsie Marie  27 Jul 1892Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30773
5 Brekke, Carl  1881Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30769
6 Brekke, Elizabeth  3 Jan 1890Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30768
7 Brekke, Elsworth Marvin  5 Nov 1920Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31100
8 Brekke, Evelyn Ruth  24 Aug 1908Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30781
9 Brekke, George O.  22 Feb 1909Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31108
10 Brekke, Julius Theodore  3 Mar 1895Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31098
11 Brekke, Sanford James  21 Oct 1923Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31101
12 Gylten, Magnus Olai  13 Sep 1891Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35983
13 Halverson, Jacob John  12 Nov 1894Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41307
14 Halverson, Mabel C.  30 Jan 1901Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41308
15 Halverson, Stella Elizabeth  15 Nov 1887Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41304
16 Halvorson, Elmer Martin  8 Sep 1903Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30941
17 Halvorson, Henry Egbert  9 Sep 1907Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30942
18 Halvorson, Hubert Alfred  21 Sep 1902Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30929
19 Halvorson, Lukas Hagbert  2 Oct 1905Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30931
20 Halvorson, Trygve Minor  1909Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30943
21 Iverson, Hilda Agnetta  8 Aug 1913Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30928
22 Johnson, Christian Martin  14 Aug 1892Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41331
23 Johnson, Esther  28 Nov 1891Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41330
24 Johnson, John Andrew  27 Jun 1891Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41329
25 Monson, Clarence Leroy  10 Apr 1915Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35103
26 Monson, Mabel  30 Nov 1913Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35106
27 Oakland, Carl John  6 Apr 1892Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37846
28 Oakland, Katherine  8 Oct 1894Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37847
29 Oakland, Peter Christian  13 Aug 1899Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37848
30 Okland, Alfred Bertin  9 Nov 1886Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37838
31 Okland, Anna Marie  29 Mar 1890Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37839
32 Olsen, Nels Jr  27 Feb 1908Finley, Steele, North Dakota I32132
33 Olsen, Obert  20 Apr 1910Finley, Steele, North Dakota I32133
34 Olsen, Swen Theodore  10 May 1894Finley, Steele, North Dakota I32128
35 Rabben, Norris Oliver Mons.  19 Sep 1910Finley, Steele, North Dakota I995
36 Simonson, Agnes  21 Mar 1898Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35544
37 Simonson, Clarence Selmer  1905Finley, Steele, North Dakota I9869
38 Simonson, Inga Christina  2 Dec 1894Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35527
39 Simonson, Ingebrigt Severin  28 Oct 1891Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35542
40 Simonson, Rasmus  8 Oct 1901Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35546
41 Simonson, Salomon John "Solly"  16 Feb 1907Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35548
42 Simonson Campbell, Anna Kari  30 Mar 1893Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35543
43 Stordahl, Anna Cathrine  27 Jun 1893Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35564
44 Stordahl, Elmer Lawrence  20 Apr 1911Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35571
45 Stordahl, Irvin Orlando  27 May 1908Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35570
46 Stordahl, Mons Curtis  31 Jul 1908Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37842
47 Stordahl, Norman Curtis  25 Oct 1930Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37844
48 Sund, Eveline G.  Abt 1912Finley, Steele, North Dakota I36188


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Birkeland, Gjert Gjerts.  2 Jul 1904Finley, Steele, North Dakota I34921
2 Birkland, Anna Christiana  1921Finley, Steele, North Dakota I32492
3 Birkland, Beatrice Constance  6 May 2001Finley, Steele, North Dakota I31138
4 Blænes, Kristi Andersdtr.  30 Jan 1913Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30759
5 Brekke, Eline Johannesdtr.  22 Jun 1918Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30567
6 Brekke, Johannes Johannes.  25 May 1950Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30568
7 Bussesund, Brithe Halvorsdtr.  8 Apr 1917Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30938
8 Bussesund, Knut Halvors.  1 Oct 1937Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30936
9 Djupevåg, Knut Knuts.  12 Dec 1911Finley, Steele, North Dakota I38554
10 Drønen, Nils Wilberg J.  27 Nov 1930Finley, Steele, North Dakota I34732
11 Erevik, Ingeborg Gurine Larsdtr.  Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41341
12 Iverson, Hilda Agnetta  1 Apr 1984Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30928
13 Kalve, Maria Halvorsdtr.  1918Finley, Steele, North Dakota I4524
14 Kolbeinsvik, Anders Jacobs.  13 Apr 1903Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30763
15 Kolbeinsvik, Martha Larsine Jacobsdtr.  3 Sep 1949Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30766
16 Kolbeinsvik, Sjur Olai Jacobs.  9 Jul 1942Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30767
17 Litlakalsøy, Synneva Andrina Olsdtr.  1917Finley, Steele, North Dakota I1020
18 Mickelson, Mons Olai  Jul 1964Finley, Steele, North Dakota I15157
19 Nordeide, Marthe Knudsdtr.  30 Jan 1933Finley, Steele, North Dakota I34524
20 Nordeide, Synneve Pedersdtr.  20 Aug 1892Finley, Steele, North Dakota I34537
21 Olson, Anna M.  11 May 1908Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41340
22 Olson, Ellen Margrethe Christence  21 Mar 1923Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30875
23 Pederson, Rachel Bertine  22 May 1940Finley, Steele, North Dakota I38129
24 Roal, Lauritz M. Lars.  1944Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41332
25 Sampson, Albert Martin  10 Jul 1945Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37797
26 Sampson, Lewis Olai  11 Sep 1921Finley, Steele, North Dakota I37794
27 Simonson, Myrtle Alice  7 Feb 1949Finley, Steele, North Dakota I9868
28 Stangeland, Henry  13 May 1916Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35590
29 Stordalen, Mons Mikkels.  28 Sep 1926Finley, Steele, North Dakota I1587
30 Sund, Ingebrigt Andreas Mons.  12 Apr 1933Finley, Steele, North Dakota I36167
31 Vaage, Anna Helena Nilsdtr.  2 Aug 1936Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41313
32 Vaage, Marthe Johanne Nilsdtr.  6 Aug 1972Finley, Steele, North Dakota I41310
33 Økland, Peder Olai  16 Nov 1925Finley, Steele, North Dakota I35765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Birkeland, Christen Gjerts.  1912Finley, Steele, North Dakota I34918
2 Brekke, Amalius  Finley, Steele, North Dakota I30771
3 Storebø, Jakob Olai Gjerts.  1959Finley, Steele, North Dakota I21871


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brekke / Birkeland  Apr 1894Finley, Steele, North Dakota F8735
2 Drange / Olsen  11 Dec 1913Finley, Steele, North Dakota F9062
3 Fiene / Birkland  29 Jun 1916Finley, Steele, North Dakota F8750
4 Mikkelson / Brun  12 Jun 1937Finley, Steele, North Dakota F11769
5 Stordahl / Bye  7 Mar 1904Finley, Steele, North Dakota F12848
6 Stordalen / Bye  9 Nov 1902Finley, Steele, North Dakota F12066
7 Toft / Reepsdorf  Abt 1912Finley, Steele, North Dakota F11906