Tofterå Slettemoen genealogy

Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Myster, Anders Jens.  1690Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14564
2 Myster, Anders Knuts.  1781Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14598
3 Myster, Anna Knutsdtr.  1791Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14602
4 Myster, Brita Knutsdtr.  1777Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I13536
5 Myster, Jens Rasmus.  1646Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14571
6 Myster, Johannes Knuds.  1796Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14604
7 Myster, Knut Magnes.  1750Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14555
8 Myster, Magne Anders.  1722Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14557
9 Myster, Magne Knuts.  1784Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14600
10 Myster, Maria Jensdtr.  1675Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14573
11 Myster, Maria Nilsdtr.  1803Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I41344
12 Myster, Marthe Knudsdtr.  1787Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14601
13 Myster, Niels Knuds.  1782Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14599
14 Myster, Olav Simons.  1665Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14590
15 Myster, Rangele Knutsdtr.  1793Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14603
16 Myster, Rasmus Peders.  Abt 1601Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14572
17 Myster, Sjur Rasmus.  1652Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14596
18 Myster, Synneva Olsdtr.  1741Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I40856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dale, Marie Knutsdtr.  1801Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14558
2 Eide, Siri Olsdtr.  1737Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14565
3 Lavik, Synneva Nilsdtr.  1837Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14597
4 Myster, Anders Jens.  1763Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14564
5 Myster, Jens Rasmus.  1708Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14571
6 Myster, Knut Magnes.  Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14555
7 Myster, Magne Anders.  1802Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14557
8 Myster, Rasmus Peders.  Aft 1666Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14572
9 Sæterdal, Anna Larsdtr.  1780Myster, Stamnes, Vaksdal I14556