Tofterå Slettemoen genealogy

Brooklyn, Kings, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Melvin Otto  14 Mar 1913Brooklyn, Kings, New York I30474
2 Andreasen, Carry Maud  10 Dec 1911Brooklyn, Kings, New York I30504
3 Ericksen, Donald Prece  13 Jul 1935Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22515
4 Ericksen, Edward  7 Jan 1919Brooklyn, Kings, New York I27551
5 Ericksen, Edwin George  15 Feb 1904Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22510
6 Ericksen, Edwin George  31 Mar 1930Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22514
7 Ericksen, Oscar  15 Dec 1912Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22511
8 Eriksen, Fred Markman  2 May 1907Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22316
9 Fonde, Anna Wilhelmina  6 Feb 1891Brooklyn, Kings, New York I29444
10 Hanson, Albert Conrad  24 Apr 1901Brooklyn, Kings, New York I37775
11 Hendriksen, Beatrice Alexandria  26 Aug 1903Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21796
12 Hendriksen, Henriette Marie  16 Nov 1907Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21734
13 Hendriksen, William  19 Nov 1921Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21798
14 Hendriksen, Willy Edvard  23 Apr 1902Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21795
15 Monson, Anton Nicolay  1887Brooklyn, Kings, New York I16286
16 Nilsen, Arthur Christian  27 Jun 1903Brooklyn, Kings, New York I32677
17 Olsen, George Carl  28 Sep 1906Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38026
18 Rohleder, Carl Henry  1 Apr 1901Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22304
19 Rønning, Donald John  18 Jul 1926Brooklyn, Kings, New York I29439
20 Rønning, Richard Charles  10 Oct 1927Brooklyn, Kings, New York I29440
21 Thorsen, Adele  26 Feb 1915Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ericksen, Oscar  20 Jul 1912Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22511
2 Hendriksen, Beatrice Alexandria  5 Jun 1904Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21796
3 Hendriksen, Willy Edvard  17 Aug 1902Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21795


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amundsen, Anton Mikal  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22113
2 Anderson, Mons  Bef 1900Brooklyn, Kings, New York I12482
3 Andreassen, Alf Emil  10 Sep 1963Brooklyn, Kings, New York I37962
4 Buchanan, Richard Henry  7 Jun 1968Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22294
5 Ericksen, Edwin George  6 Jan 1956Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22510
6 Eriksen, Magnus Johan  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22508
7 Glesnes, Harald Anton  1963Brooklyn, Kings, New York I26999
8 Halvorson, Oskar Arent  Aug 1971Brooklyn, Kings, New York I37543
9 Hammersland, Thomas Henriks.  1945Brooklyn, Kings, New York I16954
10 Hordnes, Albert Elias Anders.  8 Aug 1948Brooklyn, Kings, New York I1297
11 Hummelsund, Mikal Andreas Anders.  1964Brooklyn, Kings, New York I3266
12 Kleszcewski, Marianna Materisvia  1954Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22246
13 Knutsen, Martha Maria  16 May 1954Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22509
14 Krogh, Calda Alvilda Eleonore  25 May 1948Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21787
15 Krogh, Gladys  17 Sep 1976Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21791
16 Midttveit, Gjertrud Mathilde Monsdtr.  26 Aug 1949Brooklyn, Kings, New York I30473
17 Rohleder, Carl Henry  14 Jan 1963Brooklyn, Kings, New York I22304
18 Rønning, Pauline Olefine Frantsdtr.  1980Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21733
19 Waage, Alfred M.  8 Mar 2005Brooklyn, Kings, New York I3953


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berge / Midttveit  1914Brooklyn, Kings, New York F2603
2 Buchanan / Wren  18 Oct 1941Brooklyn, Kings, New York F7698
3 Eriksen / Hendriksen  3 Aug 1931Brooklyn, Kings, New York F7190
4 Krogh / Vold  6 Sep 1906Brooklyn, Kings, New York F7674
5 Orriss / Tisdale  20 Jun 1943Brooklyn, Kings, New York F7671
6 Rohleder / Hendriksen  28 Nov 1928Brooklyn, Kings, New York F7177
7 Rønning / Hager  6 Nov 1925Brooklyn, Kings, New York F11544
8 Østensen / Rognaldsen  18 Mar 1909Brooklyn, Kings, New York F11675