Tofterå Slettemoen genealogy

Chicago, Cook, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Falch, Frank Norman  3 Aug 1922Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37105
2 Gaustad, Doris  25 Jul 1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37113
3 Gaustad, Margaret  25 Jul 1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37112
4 Kenny, Teresa A.  6 Oct 1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20356
5 Logan, Isabelle Clarkson  15 May 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30327
6 Milde, Ester Randi  May 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37091
7 Parsons, Irene Edith  23 Jan 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20134
8 Rosendahl, Sophie Amalie "Amy"  14 Aug 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36383
9 Rosendahl, Vilma Christine  13 Dec 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36384
10 Ziemann, Harold Walter  28 Dec 1931Chicago, Cook, Illinois I20355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aarland, Kari Thomasdtr.  16 Jun 1895Chicago, Cook, Illinois I10630
2 Anderson, Sam  25 Sep 1965Chicago, Cook, Illinois I27431
3 Andreassen, Andreas Martin  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37957
4 Arnesen, Michael Theodor  12 Sep 1877Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30141
5 Bjaanes, Johannes Nelson  1969Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15637
6 Brakanes, Ivar Ols.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I13698
7 Drønen, Ingeborg Cecilie Olsdtr.  31 Jan 1955Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30808
8 Falch, Karl Johan Nicolai  13 Feb 1939Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37101
9 Gaustad, Doris  4 Mar 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37113
10 Glimme, Margaretha Rognaldsdtr.  18 Jan 1878Chicago, Cook, Illinois I35880
11 Hansen, Clausine Marie Berthelsdtr.  24 Feb 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois I32264
12 Hanson, Oliver L.  11 Mar 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois I32265
13 Hordnes, Tollef Anders.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1322
14 Johnson, Siri "Sarah"  26 Mar 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois I35722
15 Krüger, Emma Victoria  14 Jul 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4170
16 Krüger, Ingeborg Severine Kristine  29 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4166
17 Krüger, Richard Cobden  28 Mar 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30149
18 Mickelson, Harry  21 Mar 1983Chicago, Cook, Illinois I9329
19 Nelson, Joel C.  1951Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36219
20 Nymann, Berit Marie Olsdtr.  13 Oct 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37049
21 Rosendahl, Morten Andreas  20 May 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36382
22 Rosendahl, Sophie Amalie "Amy"  28 Mar 1958Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36383
23 Rosendahl, Vilma Christine  16 Apr 1914Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36384
24 Rosseland, Carsten  15 Jan 1934Chicago, Cook, Illinois I38363
25 Rosseland, Julie Therese  5 Feb 2002Chicago, Cook, Illinois I38366
26 Thomassen, Anna Johanna Hansdtr.  Aft 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois I17942
27 Toft, Jacob Andreas Jacobs.  15 Jun 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4366
28 Tvedt, Martha Andersdtr.  14 Apr 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois I30241
29 Wyman, Hazel Adele  17 Aug 1973Chicago, Cook, Illinois I28265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gaustad, Doris  5 Mar 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois I37113


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Lotsberg  1929Chicago, Cook, Illinois F11268
2 Dilger / Milde  2 Aug 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois F12608
3 Hanssen / Rosseland  28 Aug 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois F13016
4 Rosendahl / Krüger  19 May 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois F12388
5 Sharples / Hanson  30 Apr 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois F12225