Tofterå Slettemoen genealogy

Fanahammaren, Fana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fana, Conrad Anders.  1788Fanahammaren, Fana I12313
2 Fanahammaren, Anne Sandersdtr.  1761Fanahammaren, Fana I1525
3 Fanahammaren, Jens Jens.  1785Fanahammaren, Fana I8696
4 Fanahammaren, Mons Sanders.  1763Fanahammaren, Fana I7371
5 Fanahammaren, Mons Sanders.  1771Fanahammaren, Fana I1516
6 Fanahammaren, Ola Jens.  1790Fanahammaren, Fana I8697
7 Fanahammaren, Ole Sanders.  1765Fanahammaren, Fana I2653
8 Gille, Harald  4 Apr 1899Fanahammaren, Fana I37127
9 Grimseid, Johannes Ols.  14 Nov 1818Fanahammaren, Fana I7534
10 Hjellestad, Anna Eliasdtr.  1761Fanahammaren, Fana I5733
11 Iversen, Elias Olai  3 Mar 1869Fanahammaren, Fana I15753
12 Iversen, Elisabeth Dorthea  29 Aug 1872Fanahammaren, Fana I37199
13 Iversen, Johanne Martine  26 Sep 1867Fanahammaren, Fana I37197
14 Iversen, Lars Gjertin  10 Jan 1866Fanahammaren, Fana I37196
15 Iversen, Nils Iverin  30 Oct 1870Fanahammaren, Fana I37198
16 Mikkelsen, Andrea Marie  1905Fanahammaren, Fana I37134
17 Mikkelsen, Berte Gjertine  1900Fanahammaren, Fana I37133
18 Mikkelsen, Mikal  1906Fanahammaren, Fana I37135
19 Torgersen, Agnes Judithe  1888Fanahammaren, Fana I37059
20 Torgersen, Anna Antonette  1898Fanahammaren, Fana I37055
21 Torgersen, Anton  19 Mar 1903Fanahammaren, Fana I37057
22 Torgersen, Bernt Elias  11 Jan 1896Fanahammaren, Fana I37060
23 Torgersen, Berntine Therese  1901Fanahammaren, Fana I37056
24 Torgersen, Eiliv  14 Jul 1891Fanahammaren, Fana I37053
25 Torgersen, Eivind Johan Drange  10 Oct 1905Fanahammaren, Fana I37051
26 Torgersen, Herman Tobias  23 Jul 1886Fanahammaren, Fana I37061
27 Torgersen, Ingebjørg Olea  1908Fanahammaren, Fana I37058
28 Torgersen, Ingeborg Olea  14 Aug 1905Fanahammaren, Fana I37052
29 Torgersen, Thorvald  8 Oct 1893Fanahammaren, Fana I37054


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Børnes, Ole Salomons. Helland  1855Fanahammaren, Fana I6733
2 Drange, Anna Gurine Evensdtr.  3 May 1935Fanahammaren, Fana I37050
3 Fanahammaren, Anna Jensdtr.  1816Fanahammaren, Fana I8695
4 Fanahammaren, Mons Sanders.  Bef 1771Fanahammaren, Fana I7371
5 Fanahammaren, Ola Jens.  1846Fanahammaren, Fana I8697
6 Fanahammaren, Synneva Eilertsdtr.  Fanahammaren, Fana I1647
7 Fanevolden, Inger Jonsdtr.  17 Jan 1876Fanahammaren, Fana I37194
8 Hammersland, Marthe Marie Steffensdtr.  Fanahammaren, Fana I12407
9 Hanerven, Sander Anders.  1811Fanahammaren, Fana I1509
10 Hjellestad, Kari Rasmusdtr.  Bef 1816Fanahammaren, Fana I5706
11 Hordnes, Anna Jensdtr.  Fanahammaren, Fana I8688
12 Hordnes, Jens Ols.  Fanahammaren, Fana I8235
13 Iversen, Lars Gjertin  16 Mar 1890Fanahammaren, Fana I37196
14 Iversen, Nils Iverin  1 Sep 1879Fanahammaren, Fana I37198
15 Krohnhaugen, Siri Iversdtr.  Fanahammaren, Fana I15848
16 Krokeide, Johannes Anders. Sperrevik  1760Fanahammaren, Fana I1140
17 Liland, Erik Niels.  1898Fanahammaren, Fana I3129
18 Lønningen, Brita Eriksdtr.  Fanahammaren, Fana I3148
19 Milde, Torger Abrahams.  1872-1875Fanahammaren, Fana I1570
20 Moflaten, Morten Sjurs.  21 Nov 1767Fanahammaren, Fana I12562
21 Salbu, Guri Olsdtr.  1816Fanahammaren, Fana I1374
22 Stendatræet, Kristi Krispinusdtr.  Fanahammaren, Fana I8544
23 Torgersen, Abraham Anton  21 Feb 1931Fanahammaren, Fana I2065