Tofterå Slettemoen genealogy

Heimark, Austevoll



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bussesund, Halvor Jacobs.  9 Apr 1818Heimark, Austevoll I30594
2 Haugland, Gjette Maria  23 Feb 1898Heimark, Austevoll I20399
3 Heimark, Absalon Ols.  10 Sep 1883Heimark, Austevoll I7121
4 Heimark, Amanda Helena Hansdtr.  25 Aug 1902Heimark, Austevoll I988
5 Heimark, Amund Olai Ols.  10 Aug 1876Heimark, Austevoll I7116
6 Heimark, Anders Hans.  1797Heimark, Austevoll I32195
7 Heimark, Anders Ols.  1792Heimark, Austevoll I31181
8 Heimark, Anders Torbjørns.  1835Heimark, Austevoll I34940
9 Heimark, Anders Torkilds.  6 May 1846Heimark, Austevoll I32203
10 Heimark, Andrine Andersdtr.  1828Heimark, Austevoll I3746
11 Heimark, Anna Endresdtr.  1787Heimark, Austevoll I15693
12 Heimark, Anna Gjertine Hansdtr.  12 Jul 1876Heimark, Austevoll I30774
13 Heimark, Anna Malene Monsdtr.  2 Oct 1875Heimark, Austevoll I9951
14 Heimark, Anne Endresdtr.  1812Heimark, Austevoll I15699
15 Heimark, Anne Knudine Olsdtr.  1841Heimark, Austevoll I32337
16 Heimark, Anne Marie Torkildsdtr.  1879Heimark, Austevoll I25308
17 Heimark, Baarni Endresdtr.  12 Apr 1849Heimark, Austevoll I32344
18 Heimark, Barbra Endresdtr.  1784Heimark, Austevoll I15692
19 Heimark, Barbru Endresdtr.  1815Heimark, Austevoll I15678
20 Heimark, Bernt Martin Åmunds.  1884Heimark, Austevoll I12923
21 Heimark, Berte Halversdtr.  1800Heimark, Austevoll I4616
22 Heimark, Birgitte Nilsine Andrine Monsdtr.  17 May 1920Heimark, Austevoll I9960
23 Heimark, Borni Pedersdtr.  Abt 1764Heimark, Austevoll I30593
24 Heimark, Brite Halversdtr.  1793Heimark, Austevoll I30592
25 Heimark, Brithe Endresdtr.  1841Heimark, Austevoll I13000
26 Heimark, Brithe Monsdtr.  19 Jul 1883Heimark, Austevoll I41275
27 Heimark, Brithe Severina Hansdtr.  4 Apr 1905Heimark, Austevoll I13006
28 Heimark, Christi Hansdtr.  1804Heimark, Austevoll I37815
29 Heimark, Christi Thorstensdtr.  13 Apr 1850Heimark, Austevoll I37808
30 Heimark, Christi Thorstensdtr.  10 Jul 1853Heimark, Austevoll I37800
31 Heimark, Christi Torkildsdtr.  11 May 1831Heimark, Austevoll I32206
32 Heimark, Edith Maud  1935Heimark, Austevoll I25299
33 Heimark, Eli Gurine Torkildsdtr.  15 Mar 1876Heimark, Austevoll I25307
34 Heimark, Eli Torkildsdtr.  21 Jul 1870Heimark, Austevoll I34586
35 Heimark, Elias Amunds.  15 Jun 1882Heimark, Austevoll I13028
36 Heimark, Endre Amunds.  16 Sep 1872Heimark, Austevoll I13025
37 Heimark, Endre Anders.  1831Heimark, Austevoll I31175
38 Heimark, Endre Endres.  1818Heimark, Austevoll I15700
39 Heimark, Endre Jacobs.  1815Heimark, Austevoll I30590
40 Heimark, Endre Ols.  15 May 1848Heimark, Austevoll I32335
41 Heimark, Endre Sjurs.  28 Jul 1839Heimark, Austevoll I32211
42 Heimark, Gjertrud Andersdtr.  1830Heimark, Austevoll I32196
43 Heimark, Gjertrud Endresdtr.  13 Oct 1843Heimark, Austevoll I30589
44 Heimark, Gjertrud Olsdtr.  1842Heimark, Austevoll I32338
45 Heimark, Gjertrud Olsdtr.  20 Jan 1851Heimark, Austevoll I13015
46 Heimark, Gjertrud Sjursdtr.  1843Heimark, Austevoll I32213
47 Heimark, Guri Thorstensdtr.  15 Sep 1843Heimark, Austevoll I37806
48 Heimark, Halvor Endres.  13 Apr 1846Heimark, Austevoll I30601
49 Heimark, Halvor Johan Ols.  9 Jan 1875Heimark, Austevoll I7115
50 Heimark, Hans Anders.  1775Heimark, Austevoll I37812

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Heimark, Karl Olai Mons.  26 Jan 1914Heimark, Austevoll I41283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bjånes, Oline Thorbjørnsdtr.  29 Sep 1884Heimark, Austevoll I9949
2 Bruntveit, Endre Jørgens.  19 Aug 1836Heimark, Austevoll I15690
3 Bussesund, Anders Endres.  1835Heimark, Austevoll I31173
4 Byrkjeland, Margrethe Jakobsdtr.  Heimark, Austevoll I25303
5 Drønen, Amund Zakarias.  Heimark, Austevoll I12999
6 Drønen, Brithe Nilsdtr.  1855Heimark, Austevoll I31182
7 Drønen, Johanne Hansdtr.  1890Heimark, Austevoll I10001
8 Haugland, Ingebor Monsdtr.  14 Nov 1882Heimark, Austevoll I2373
9 Haugland, Karnilske Monsdtr.  22 Dec 1930Heimark, Austevoll I164
10 Heimark, Anders Hans.  1832Heimark, Austevoll I32195
11 Heimark, Anders Ols.  1828Heimark, Austevoll I31181
12 Heimark, Baarni Endresdtr.  Bef 1865Heimark, Austevoll I32344
13 Heimark, Barbra Endresdtr.  1804Heimark, Austevoll I15692
14 Heimark, Borni Pedersdtr.  1822Heimark, Austevoll I30593
15 Heimark, Britha Nilsine Hansdtr.  17 Apr 1900Heimark, Austevoll I13003
16 Heimark, Brithe Endresdtr.  1879Heimark, Austevoll I13000
17 Heimark, Brithe Severina Hansdtr.  Heimark, Austevoll I13006
18 Heimark, Christi Hansdtr.  1848Heimark, Austevoll I37815
19 Heimark, Christi Thorstensdtr.  29 Jan 1853Heimark, Austevoll I37808
20 Heimark, Eli Torkildsdtr.  Bef 1876Heimark, Austevoll I34586
21 Heimark, Gjertrud Olsdtr.  1845Heimark, Austevoll I32338
22 Heimark, Hans Anders.  5 May 1824Heimark, Austevoll I37812
23 Heimark, Hans Thorstens.  1834Heimark, Austevoll I37803
24 Heimark, Hans Torstens.  Heimark, Austevoll I3845
25 Heimark, Jakob Andreas Mons.  20 Oct 1884Heimark, Austevoll I9955
26 Heimark, Jakob Severin Hans.  1905Heimark, Austevoll I13005
27 Heimark, Johannes Endres.  1856Heimark, Austevoll I32345
28 Heimark, Kari Endresdtr.  1824Heimark, Austevoll I15702
29 Heimark, Kari Olsdtr.  1845Heimark, Austevoll I32339
30 Heimark, Karianna Amundsdtr.  18 May 1929Heimark, Austevoll I12998
31 Heimark, Karl Olai Mons.  22 Jan 1884Heimark, Austevoll I9952
32 Heimark, Karl Olai Mons.  22 Sep 1884Heimark, Austevoll I9954
33 Heimark, Knud Ols.  1846Heimark, Austevoll I32340
34 Heimark, Knut Olai Torkilds.  1933Heimark, Austevoll I25302
35 Heimark, Kristine Karie Hansdtr.  1961Heimark, Austevoll I37810
36 Heimark, Magdalene Nilsine Oline Nilsdtr.  Heimark, Austevoll I9956
37 Heimark, Magdalene Torkildsdtr.  1859Heimark, Austevoll I32209
38 Heimark, Malene Torkildsdtr.  1840Heimark, Austevoll I32208
39 Heimark, Mari Thorkildsdtr.  2 Apr 1842Heimark, Austevoll I32207
40 Heimark, Marte Olsdtr.  17 Dec 1914Heimark, Austevoll I25305
41 Heimark, Marthe Andersdtr.  1801Heimark, Austevoll I31180
42 Heimark, Marthe Andersdtr.  1817Heimark, Austevoll I31183
43 Heimark, Marthe Hansdtr.  5 Dec 1899Heimark, Austevoll I37816
44 Heimark, Marthe Helene Engelsdtr.  Apr 1876Heimark, Austevoll I9490
45 Heimark, Monrad Olai Mons.  5 May 1989Heimark, Austevoll I9957
46 Heimark, Mons Ols.  8 Nov 1934Heimark, Austevoll I9948
47 Heimark, Nils Amunds.  9 Feb 1898Heimark, Austevoll I13027
48 Heimark, Nils Anders.  1838Heimark, Austevoll I32198
49 Heimark, Nils Andreas Henriks.  Heimark, Austevoll I17626
50 Heimark, Nils Martin Mons.  29 Jan 1917Heimark, Austevoll I9958

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