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RABUR Rijwielen

The RABUR bicycle idea was created in 1918, coinciding with Johannes van der Raadt b. 1895 marrying Elisabeth van den Burg (Ra+Bur).

"In 1918 Johannes is registered as a smith. He moved from Noordwijkerhout to Roosendal on May 17th 1921 and to the Hague on Feb 1 1924. When he moved the Hague he had started selling bicycles (rijwielhandelaar). He registered his first phone as a bicycle wholesaler in 1938.

On Oct 3 1939 John registered the bicycle brand RABUR from the van der Raadt/van den Burg bicycle factory in the Hague. Before this the business was smaller, and he probably had a repair shop and dealership, but not an own brand. They bikes were probably produced only between 1939 and app. 1950, including a period of zero production because of the war (from 1943 to 1946 there was virtually no production).

Source: Herbert Kuner

During the war John would smuggle messages to the reistance in the frames.

The family had a house on 321 Laan van Meerdervoort, the factory was one door over, the family lived above. John was born here. He also had a bicycle wholesale at Beeklaan 405 in Haag.

Owner of originalLucy Tofterå
PlaceRABUR, 321 Laan van Meerdervoort, Haag
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