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RABUR Rijweilen bicycles from den Haag

RABUR, Haagse oude fiets
RABUR RIJWIEL INDUSTRIE, fabriek van Rijwielen en Rijwieltoebehooren

The name RABUR originated in 1918, coinciding with Johannes van der Raadt b. 1895 marrying Elisabeth van den Burg (Ra+Bur).

"In 1918 Johannes is registered as a smith. He moved from Noordwijkerhout to Roosendal on May 17th 1921 and to the Hague on Feb 1 1924. When he moved the Hague he had started selling bicycles (rijwielhandelaar). He registered his first phone as a bicycle wholesaler in 1938.

On Oct 3 1939 John registered the bicycle brand RABUR from the van der Raadt/van den Burg bicycle factory in the Hague. Before this the business was smaller, and he probably had a repair shop and dealership, but not an own brand. They bikes were probably produced only between 1939 and app. 1950, including a period of zero production because of the war (from 1943 to 1946 there was virtually no production). Source: Herbert Kuner

During the war John would smuggle messages to the reistance in the frames.

The family had a house on 321 Laan van Meerdervoort, the factory was one door over, the family lived above. John was born here. He also had a bicycle wholesale at Beeklaan 405 in Haag.

The Rabur bicycle factory and dealership was run by his son Peter for six months after Johannes emigrated to Canada in Nov 1951. Times were very rough after the war. In May of 1952 the company was advertised in Elsevier Weekblad: For takeover offered in the west of the country wholesaler in bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories, with excellent own brand: also large and well-maintained residential house available. It was bought up by Empo Rijwielfabriek (bicycle factory) in Vorden.

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De Oude Fiets, geregistrerde merken RABUR


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