Tofterå / Slettemoen genealogy

Bjørn Tore Aasheim

Klara Hildegunn Kalve [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i David Aasheim
  M ii Torbjørn Aasheim

Anders Inge Kalve [Parents]

Bente Kausland

They had the following children:

  F i Rine Kalve
  M ii Adrian Kalve
  F iii Thea Carin Kalve

Karl Severin Lars. Bakke was born in 1885 in Bakke, Austevoll. He died in 1922 in Bakke, Austevoll. He married Elen Nikoline Pedersdtr. Hille in 1910 in Austevoll.

Elen Nikoline Pedersdtr. Hille [Parents] was born in 1885 in Hille, Austevoll. She died in 1973 in Hille, Austevoll. She married Karl Severin Lars. Bakke in 1910 in Austevoll.

Olaf Martin Johannesen [Parents] was born on 11 FEB 1888 in Fonnes, Austrheim. He was christened on 13 MAY 1888 in Austrheim. He died on 18 JAN 1930 in Gallatin, Montana, USA. He married Abelona Pedersdtr. Hille on 7 AUG 1910 in Clarkfield, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota.

Other marriages:
Kalve, Abelone Andersdtr.

Source of information: Ellen Schofield, married to Ruth's son/Debbie Johnson, Antons daughter.
Olaf Martin Johnson was born in Lindaas, Horland, Norway, 11 Feb, 1888.
According to the census of 1910, he went to the United States to work on the railroad in 1907. On that census, he was living in Township 2, Jefferson County, Montana, aged 22, occupation railroad worker, boarding in the home of Charles H. Kendall.
He married Abelona Pederson (Abelone Pedersdtr. Hille) on 7 Aug 1910 in Minnesota.
Abelona was born in Hille, Austevoll, Norway in 1889. She evidently traveled to the U.S. to marry Olaf. They lived in a railroad section house, Vendome, located on Highway 41 south of Whitehall after their marriage. Olaf was a section foreman for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad. Here, they had two children: Alfred John Johnson, and Hilda Paulina Johnson. Abelona died 22 Apr 1913 at the age of 23, shortly after Hilda's birth and is buried in Butte, Montana.
After Abelona's death, Olaf left Hilda with friends in Montana, took Alfred and returned to Norway, where he married her first cousin, Abelona Anderson (Abelone Andersdtr. Kalve) in Nykirken, Bergen, on Sep 1, 1914.
On Sep 4, 1914 Olaf returns to Montana (says Peide, probably Piedmont) with Abelone Kalve and son Alfred. Record shows he has been home to visit since May 1914. They travelled on the Lusitania, which was sunk by the Germans on its return to Europe. There, they reunited with Hilda and their first child, son Anton, was born in September 1915. They had returned to Norway by January 1917 when their second child, Anders, was born on the Kalve farm in Austevoll. The remainder of their children, Martha, Edward, Agnes, Ruth, Olaf and Reidar were born in Lindås. The family returned to the U.S. in 1928 on the ship Stavangerfjord, Sep 1.. The family lived in Martinsdale, Montana, where Olaf was employed as a Section Chief on the railroad. While at work, he was killed in a freak accident.
Olaf was buried in Three Forks, Gallatin County, Montana. He had a brother Conrad Johnson in Minnesota.

Abelona Pedersdtr. Hille [Parents] was born in 1889 in Hille, Austevoll. She died 1 on 22 APR 1913 in Butte, Silver Bow, Montana. She was buried in Butte, MT, USA. She married Olaf Martin Johannesen on 7 AUG 1910 in Clarkfield, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota.

They had the following children:

  M i Alfred Johannesen was born on 8 JUN 1911 in Whitehall, Jefferson, Montana. He died on 3 JUL 1937 in Wheatland Co, Montana.
  F ii Hilda Paulina Johannesen

Anders Kristens. Årtun was born in 1885 in Lærdal, Sogn. He died in Hille, Austevoll. He married Dorthea Pedersdtr. Hille in 1909 in Austevoll.

Dorthea Pedersdtr. Hille [Parents] was born in 1891 in Hille, Austevoll. She died in Hille, Austevoll. She married Anders Kristens. Årtun in 1909 in Austevoll.

Hans Olai Peders. Hille [Parents] was born in 1896 in Hille, Austevoll. He died in Hille, Austevoll. He married Ingeborg Abelona Knudsdtr. Steineviken in 1923 in Austevoll.

Ingeborg Abelona Knudsdtr. Steineviken was born in 1895 in Steineviken, Austevoll. She died in 1966 in Hille, Austevoll. She married Hans Olai Peders. Hille in 1923 in Austevoll.

They had the following children:

  M i Peder Hans. Hille
  M ii Knut Olav Hans. Hille
  M iii Magne Hans. Hille
  M iv Helge Kåre Hans. Hille

Peder Hans. Hille [Parents]

Velinda Arlen Nilsdtr. Drønen [Parents]

Knut Olav Hans. Hille [Parents]

Gudrun Nilsdtr. Toranger

They had the following children:

  F i Ingebjørg Knutsdtr. Hille
  F ii Anne Marie Knutsdtr. Hille
  M iii Hans Olav Knuts. Hille
  F iv Grete Kristin Knutsdtr. Hille
  M v Nils Geir Knuts. Hille
  F vi Kitty Beate Knutsdtr. Hille

Magne Hans. Hille [Parents]

Ingeborg Monsdtr. Troland

Nils Andreas Ols. Drønen [Parents] was born in 1888 in Drøna, Austevoll. He died in 1937 in Drøna, Austevoll. He married Nettie Halvorsdtr. Hattvedt in 1918.

Nettie Halvorsdtr. Hattvedt was born about 1895 in Telemark. She died in Drøna, Austevoll. She married Nils Andreas Ols. Drønen in 1918.

They had the following children:

  F i Marion Drønen was born on 5 SEP 1919 in Canada. She died on 5 NOV 1994.
  F ii Laila Norella Drønen
  F iii Doris Elvira Nilsdtr. Drønen
  F iv Velinda Arlen Nilsdtr. Drønen
  M v Nils Drønen
  M vi Douglas Orlando Drønen was born on 6 MAR 1927 in Canada. He died in Birkeland, Austevoll.

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