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Kent Sussex [Parents]

Debra Lynn Halvorson

Kevin Gerard Ihry

Shari Sussex [Parents]

Ronald Dean Faustina

Beverly Neil Simonson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Randi Denise Faustina
  F ii Kimberly Anne Faustina

Alfred Michael Simonson [Parents] was born on 5 FEB 1898 in Finley, North Dakota. He died on 27 NOV 1987 in Fargo, North Dakota. He married Adeline Bertha Ambroson on 14 JAN 1934 in Clifford, North Dakota.

Alfred was born upstairs of the corner cafe in Finley, ND. He wasbaptized in Estvold Church . He was confirmed Dec. 22, 1912 by Rev. S.Langehaug. Alfred went to Pickert Consolidated School for his elementaryeducation. They, brothers and sisters, walked to school which was Westof the present St. Petri Church. He attended a 10 week farmers shortcourse in Fargo. He married Adeline Bertha Ambroson Jan. 14, 1934 atClifford, ND . They lived on the homeplace, which was eight and a halfmiles SE of Finley. In 1940, he became township clerk which he heldmany years. They engaged in farming until 1974. Adeline was born June25, 1911 at the home of her grandparents, S. Pladson in Primrose Twp.Steele County, Portland, ND. She was baptized July 16, 1911. They havefour daughters. Land description: NW quarter of Section 34. EastonTownship-Steele County. 152 Acres actively farmed. The other 8 acresconsist of trees, roads, and farm buildings. Final receivers receiptNo. 8343 issued April 29, 1897 Application No. 19299. Deed from Andrewto Andrina date May 14, 1897. Deed from Andrina to Andrew date May 25,1897. Deed from Andrina to Alfred Simonson date May 21, 1946.

Adeline Bertha Ambroson was born on 25 JUN 1911 in Portland, North Dakota. She died on 4 MAY 1984 in Pickert, North Dakota. She married Alfred Michael Simonson on 14 JAN 1934 in Clifford, North Dakota.

Written by Adeline: I was born on my grandparents farm S. PladsonPrimrose Twp, Steele County Portland ND and lived there for nine years.Moved to Edendale Twp for 9-10 years, two years by Clifford and back toEaston Twp Steele County and lived here since. When I was born my dadand grandmother were my doctors-ha. I have been a farmer, had hatchery,snow blower, gardener, painter, cook, beauty maid or hair dresser, dairymilker, and most of all Alfred's mechanic and baker._______Adeline Berthawas baptized July 16, 1911 by Rev J.R. Rorvik. Her sponsors were Syverand Bertha Pladsen (grandparents), Ida Pladsen (aunt) , and HalfredHallingstad (Perry). She was confirmed July 19, 1925 by Rev. C.M.Hollanger at Perry Lutheran Church.

They had the following children:

  F i Ardith Clara Simonson
  F ii Margaret Adeline Simonson
  F iii Irene JoHannah Simonson
  F iv Janet Oline Simonson

Dale E. Johnson was born on 30 OCT 1933 in Foley, Minnesota. He died on 11 JAN 2000 in Forest Lake, Minnesota. He married Ardith Clara Simonson.

Dale attended 1-8 at District 16 Joley MN. Dale graduated from FoleyHigh School in 1952. He worked driving milk truck and on his Dad's dairyfarm until entering the Military. He served in the Korean War from1957-1959. He was stationed in Korea. He worked for the Soo LineRailroad in Mpls. and retired as an engineer .

Ardith Clara Simonson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Carla Jean Johnson
  M ii Dwight Ray Johnson
  M iii Chris Alan Johnson
  M iv Daniel Adam Johnson

Gerald Keith Bergene

Margaret Adeline Simonson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Sonya Rae Bergene
  F ii Judy Kae Bergene

Robert Kenneth McLeod was born on 7 NOV 1932 in USA. He died on 11 APR 2001 in Missoula , Montana. He married Irene JoHannah Simonson.

He received his education at Milton, ND and Valley City State College.In 1967 they Moved to Great Falls, Montana. Bob was in Junior HighAdministration. They moved to Cody, Wyoming and than to Dayton andRanchester, Wyoming. Bob was school administrator in these cities. Theyretired and moved to Missoula, Montana in 1996. Bob died April 11, 2001of cancer. The following is a letter written by Bob in 1976: I was bornon November 7, 1932 in the village of Milton. I was the fifth child ofseven children born to Donald M. and Martha A. McLeod. I lived on a farm3 miles northeast of Milton for the first 9 years of my life. While onthe farm, I attended a rural school. This was a summer school whichbegan in March and ended in November. I attended my first 4 gradesthere. After moving to Milton in 1941, we lived in three differenthomes until finally settling in my father's present home in 1943. Iattended the Milton Public School for grades 4 through 12, graduatingfrom high school in 1950.While in high school, I had a high interest insports. My favorite sports were basketball and baseball. Aftergraduating from high school in 1950, I worked for the Cavalier CountyRural Electric Association as a construction lineman. In August of 1951,I entered the United States Air Force where I spent 3 years 9 months and20 days. While in the military, I served on bases in the followinglocation: Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Korea, Japan, Nebraska andLabrador. Three days after being discharged from the Air Force inJune 1955, I was in college at Valley City State College. By attendingtwo summer schools and taking heavy loads I graduated from college inthree years in June 1955 with majors in Business Education and English.I taught my first year at Sykeston, North Dakota where I taught Englishand Business subjects. In 1959 I moved to Glendive, Montana and taughtEnglish in the junior high school for three years. In the fall of1960, I met and began dating Irene Simonson and we married on August 19,1961. After our marriage, I taught for one more year in Glendive andthen moved to Grand Forks, Noreth Dakota where I completed my Masters ofEducation in Educational Administration. We returned to Glendive in thefall of 1963 and I became the principal of Jefferson Elementary School, aposition that I held for four years. During the time I was principal atJefferson, I also taught part time at Dawson County College In 1967 Iaccepted an elementary principalship in Great Falls, Montana. I servedfor 5 years as elementary principal before moving into the junior highadministration in 1972. I have on a number of occasion taught coursesfor Montana State University , Rocky Mountain College and the College ofGreat Falls. Since coming to Gread Falls, I have twice been electedpresident of our church congregation and have served as president of myservice organization, the Y'Men's Club.

Irene JoHannah Simonson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Dawn ReNee McLeod
  F ii Juli Ann McLeod
  F iii Lisa Jo McLeod

John Sliper

Janet Oline Simonson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Jeffrey David Sliper
  F ii Jennifer Lynn Sliper

Brian Murdock

Carla Jean Johnson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Breanna Marie Murdock
  M ii Braydon Murdock

Daniel Adam Johnson [Parents]

Tathyanna Karyna Esteves de Souza Gomes

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