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John Shoemaker was born on 22 OCT 1819 in Columbiana County, Ohio, USA. He died on 1 FEB 1896 in Bluffton, Ind.. He married Rachel Johnson on 17 MAR 1842.

John was a blacksmith in Milton, Mahoning, Ohio in 1850 census. His closest neighbour was the physician Alexander Shoemaker, b. abt. 1802 in Pennsylvania and his wife Elizabeth.

Johns parents were William Shoemaker b. in Maryland and Betzy Welker. Williams father John was born in England.

Warren Kelly Shoemaker 1842 \endash 1917
Jane Amanda Shoemaker 1845 \endash 1917
Harriet A. Shoemaker 1850 \endash 1925
Bruce W. Shoemaker 1852 \endash
Rachel Ella Shoemaker 1858 \endash
John J. Shoemaker 1860 \endash
Taylor F. Shoemaker 1862 \endash
Lizzie A. Shoemaker 1864 \endash

Rachel Johnson was born on 18 APR 1823 in Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA. She died on 22 MAY 1906 in Wells Co., IN. She married John Shoemaker on 17 MAR 1842.

They had the following children:

  M i Warren Kelley Shoemaker
  F ii Rachel Ellen Shoemaker

Roy Ross Stewart [Parents] was born on 6 DEC 1900 in Christian County, Missouri, USA. He died on 8 JUN 1994 in Christian County, Missouri, USA. He married Cordelia Merle Bass on 9 DEC 1923.

Cordelia Merle Bass [Parents] was born on 12 AUG 1901 in Oto, MO, USA. She died on 1 JAN 1979 in Spokane, Christian Co., MO. She was buried in Spokane Cemetary, Spokane, MO, USA. She married Roy Ross Stewart on 9 DEC 1923.

They had the following children:

  F i Helen Imogene Stewart Ellingsworth
  F ii Lola Gertrude Stewart Madden
  M iii Donald Ray Stewart
  M iv Joe Bill Stewart
  M v Roy Homer Stewart
  F vi Mellie Elizabeth Stewart
  F vii Myrtle Lorene Stewart Argie

Joseph Marion Stewart was born on 15 MAR 1863 in USA. He died on 7 JUL 1947 in USA. He married Nora Alice Jeffries.

Nora Alice Jeffries was born on 18 FEB 1869 in USA. She died on 26 JUL 1912 in USA. She married Joseph Marion Stewart.

They had the following children:

  M i Roy Ross Stewart

Charles Le Roy Bass [Parents] was born on 22 JUN 1896 in Galena, Missouri, USA. He died on 1 JUN 1958 in Kern County, CA, USA. He married Margaret Jane Stewart on 3 DEC 1916 in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.

Margaret Jane Stewart [Parents] was born on 13 JAN 1900 in Taney Co. MO, USA. She died on 27 AUG 1963 in USA. She married Charles Le Roy Bass on 3 DEC 1916 in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.

They had the following children:

  M i Loren Elwood Bass
  F ii Fern Eva Bass
  M iii Warren Chester Bass was born on 9 MAY 1920 in Abesville, Stone, Missouri, USA. He died on 1 SEP 1923 in Abesville, Stone, Missouri, USA. He was buried in Ponce de Leon, Stone, Missouri.

His grandfather William Calvin Bass was holding Warren, while his father Roy went after the doctor, Homer Young. Buried at Ponce de Leon Cemetery on the north side of the hill, no marker.
  M iv Avery Ferdinand Bass
  M v Hugh Leon Bass
  M vi Charles Le Roy Bass
  M vii Buddy Joe Bass
  F viii Mary Margaret Bass
  F ix Barbara Ann Bass was born in JUN 1940 in Douthant, Oklahoma. She died on 29 OCT 1940 in Douthant, Oklahoma.
  M x Jack Eugene Bass
  M xi Billie Rae Bass

Freeland John Weston was born on 2 DEC 1899 in Christian County, Missouri, USA. He died on 29 DEC 1971 in Bellville, Wayne, Michigan, United States. He married Fannie Bass on 30 MAY 1928.

Fannie Bass [Parents] was born on 19 NOV 1905 in Christian County, Missouri, USA. She died on 10 OCT 1960 in Christian County, Missouri, USA. She married Freeland John Weston on 30 MAY 1928.

Floyd Eugene Hilton was born on 28 NOV 1903 in Spokane, Christian Co., MO. He died on 27 OCT 1972 in Spokane, Christian Co., MO. He married Fannie Bass on 20 SEP 1927.

Fannie Bass [Parents] was born on 24 MAR 1910 in McKinley, Stone, Missouri. She died on 8 JUL 1995 in Spokane, Christian Co., MO. She married Floyd Eugene Hilton on 20 SEP 1927.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Calvin Hilton
  M ii William Allen Hilton

James Shannon Bass [Parents] was born on 1 APR 1913 in Stone Co, Missouri, USA. He died on 3 JUN 1998 in Reeds Spring, Stone, Missouri. He married Velma Amelia Walden on 15 MAY 1942 in Boone, Arkansas.

Velma Amelia Walden was born on 29 SEP 1913 in Garber, Taney, Missouri, United States. She died on 11 APR 2001 in California, Moniteau, Missouri, United States. She married James Shannon Bass on 15 MAY 1942 in Boone, Arkansas.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Kay Bass

Walter Viscum

Virginia Barnes

They had the following children:

  F i Ann Lynn Viscum

Theophilus Bass [Parents] was born on 2 FEB 1811 in Columbia, Murray Co., Tennessee, USA. He died on 11 MAR 1849 in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA. He married Mildred C. Shannon on 5 NOV 1840 in Forsyth, Missouri.

Theophilus Bass, was the first County-Circuit Clerk and Recorder of Taney County (now part of Stone County, Missouri), being appointed in 1837 by Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. Coming from a family with means, he was highly educated for one of that period, and was very industrious and had taken up the work of surverying. It was while surveying the "base line" with Nathaniel Boone (son of Daniel Boone) that he met, wooed and won Mildred Shannon, daughter of John David Shannon, of White River Township.

Theophilus Bass entered his land on White River (Missouri), just a little way from Forsyth, on August 23, 1845), comprising about 132 acres of Government land for which he paid $1,25 an acre, but turned in Government vouchers for surveyer s services as payment. It was on both sides of the river and part of it became known and still is rememered as the Casey homestead (not related Caseys!). The land was sold to Levi Casey in April of 1848, for $1500 the year before Theophilus Bass died. Ill health may have been a factor in his selling this land for he was not quite forty years old.

Theophilus owned NW 1/4 on the West and the NE 1/4 on the East side of the White River, giving him a shore line of 1 3/4 miles on the west and 3/4 miles on the east side of the river, and which comprised the new Shepherd of the Hills Estates.

He lived on the south side of White River and held court at the mouth of Bull Creek. He was the sixth representative from Taney County to the 15th Gen. Assembly from Taney County, at Jefferson City, in 1848-49., and died while in office March 11th 1849. He was buried at Jefferson City, by Special Act of the Legislature and a tablet was erected to his memory.

The following is taken from the proceedings of the Session of 1848-49: "An Act to pay funeral expenses of Hon. Theopolis Bass" Introduced and passed in the Senate march 12, 1849. Mr Mares introduced a Resolution in reference to the death of Theo. Bass, which were read, rules suspended and adopted. Mr. Hicks, introduced a Resolution autorizing George P. Bass (brother) to draw the pay which is due Theo. Bass, late member of Taney County, deceased. Adopted (House). House adopted an Act to pay funeral expenses. Senate adopted following Resolutions relating to the death of Theopolis Bass, and have also adopted House resolutions on the same subject. The House concurred in the Resolitions from the Senate in reference to the death of T.B.

The inscription on the tablet in the Cemetery reads: "Sacred to the memory of Theopolis Bass, late Representative from Taney County, Missouri, who was born in Columbia, Murray County, Tennesse, on the 2nd of February 1811, and died on the 11th of March 1949. Erected by an Act of the General Assembly".

The Missouri Statesman, published at Columbia, Missouri, says on March 16th, 1849: "Mr. Theopolis Bass, a member of the Legislature from Taney County, and who has been seriously ill during most of the Session, died on Saturday night last. Mr. Bass, was a son of Mr. Lawrence Bass of this County."

In reading the preceedings of the latter part of this Session, Theopolis Bass, was absent for many days, unable to answer the roll call, but was reported from day to day as being sick and unable to atend the Sessions. At that day and age, distances were great, roads were bad, travel wa light, and news was carried slowly and largely from "mouth to mouth". Mrs. Bass, (or as she was known later, Grandma Nelson,) did not know anything of her husband s death, until weeks later a horseman came riding to her doorway, leading another horse, and announced the death of Theopolis. The riderless hors was the one Theo. rode away to Jefferson City on, with saddle, saddle bags, clothing and gun etc.

Mildred C. Shannon [Parents] was born on 17 NOV 1823 in White River Township. She died on 17 JUL 1906 in USA. She married Theophilus Bass on 5 NOV 1840 in Forsyth, Missouri.

Other marriages:
Nelson, Samuel D.

A letter to Mrs. Mildred C. Bass, Forsyth, Taney County, Missouri.

Jefferson City, Jan. 3, 1849.

My Dear, I have with pleasure taken my pen in hand to inform you that I have missed the chills for several days hoping that I am now entirely clear and remain so. I was taken with the chill on Friday after I left home and had them several days though the weather was so cold, sleeting and snowing on us all the way from Hancock s here. I looked for noting else. I have not been up to Father s yet. I expect to go up on Saturday nect. Brother Eli, was here last week. Our relations are well. Father strained his ankle and has been laid up with it for several weeks. James Harris, married Sabru Jackson, shortly after he returned from the south. I have an excellent place to board. There are seven of us together, Hancock, Neveas, Hicks, Cole, Hawkins, Sanders and myself, all good moral men. (Hancock was a Senator from the 21st District; the rest of the men were representatives, Neaves from Greene County, Hicks from Ozark County, Cole from Morgan County, Hawkins from Camden County and Sanders from Chariton County). All of the members are complaining of colds and several are pretty sick. It is said that the cholera is in St. Louis and some of the members are very uneasy for fear it will get here and if it does, we will adjourn forthwith and go home. I am unable to say when the Legislature will adjourn, but I do think it will not be a long session. I am anxious to see you and the children. It would give me more pleasure to be with you and the children than all the luxury and splender here which I am surrounded. You will please wirte to me as it will be more pleasure to see a line from your hands than all the news I could receive from any other. You can write me and seal your leter and have it backed by some person to me. My dear, do not fail to wirte to me often, and I will do the same with you. Kiss the children for me, especially sweet little John and give all the news of the neighborhood. Do the best you can. My dear, I remain Your affectionate Husband, Theo. Bass

-------------------------------------------------------- Ozark County, Missouri, March 20th A.D. 1849.

Mrs. Bass, I inclose to you a few lines on my return home from Jefferson City which will inform you of the death of your husband. I can say to you that I was eye witness to all his sickness. We both roomed and bedded together until he got to low to be troubled. I waited on him through all his sickness which was 52 days with countinued feavour. His two brothers, George and Edward Bass, Pilee Dunkns wife and Wade Jackson was there nearly through all his sickness. He died on the 11th March the day before the Legislature broke. I got an Act past the day we adjourned appropriating two hundred dollars to pay his funeral ecpenses and to erect a tomb over hus grave. I also interduced a resolution and got it pst authorizing George P. Bass to draw his pay as a member from thre treasur which was $282.00. He is to settle off his bill both for Boarding and Doctor fees and account you for the remained. His beast was at his brothers and I think George Bass was to take charge of his clothing and return all to you as soon as he could conveanently. If you wish any further information you will please write to me. Your Friend and well wisher in hast, Robert Hicks

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Catherine Bass
  M ii James Theophilus Bass was born on 27 AUG 1844 in Taney Co. MO, USA. He died in 1865 in Killed At Wilder Creek.

Special body guard of Gen. Price.

Killed in action at Wilson Creek.
  F iii Nancy Elizabeth Bass
  M iv John Shannon Bass

John David Shannon [Parents] was born on 16 APR 1798 in Williamson Co, Tennessee. He died on 12 APR 1862 in White River Township. He was buried in Parsons Family Cemetery, Old Oto, Stone Co. MO. He married Mary Polly Goode on 25 SEP 1817 in Williamson Co., TN.

Washington, May, 1860

Letter to John D. Shannon from Washington National Monument Office:

Sir, Agreeable to instructions, I have to request that you will act as Collector for the Society during the taking of the census in your district. Should you feel disposed to undertake the duty, and it be with the consent of the Marshal in your ditrict, a commission of fifteen per cent. will be allowed you out of the gross amount of your colections. You will also deduct the cost, from said collections, of a book necessary for the purpose, and make your returns and pay te nett amount collected to the Marshal of your district, who will account for and remit the same to the Society. The enclosed instructions are sent for your guidance. Very respectfully, your obediant servant, John Carrol Brent, Secretary.

Mary Polly Goode [Parents] was born on 26 DEC 1797 in Stokes Co., NC. She died on 3 MAR 1891 in Stone Co., MO. She was buried in Parsons Family Cemetery, Old Oto. She married John David Shannon on 25 SEP 1817 in Williamson Co., TN.

Children: James H. (1818), David C. (1820), Thomas M. (1823), Mildred C., Rufus B. (1828), Leonidas A. (1833), Leona E. (1836) m. John II Cox, Cordella Orleana (1840) m. William Burchfield Cox.

They had the following children:

  F i Mildred C. Shannon

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